Protect your private key

userfriendly & secure Deep Cold Wallet


Tool-free & fast

Engrave your private key into steel using a typical ball pen. Yes, you heard right. Push letters into the writing layer (CrNiMo-steel). Then let it protect from two 3mm steel-housings. It’s a fast and secure solution at the same time.

Add extra notes to your private key

Each writing layer consists of 12 fields, each sufficiently large to write the complete mnemonic-word (8 letters, not only first 4).
On-top: There’s a supplementary field to store extra info such as coin, BIP, date or others.

Keep track thanks to Info-labels

Print your wallet address, it’s QR-code or other relevant notes on the A4-label and stick it onto the TipTopWALLET.
It works with laser printer as well as inkjet printers.

Create your own private key

Your private key generator allows hexadecimal entropy? Be much faster creating mnemonics by using the hex-dices that come with the TipTopWALLET.

Everything you need to backup your private key:

High-Alloy (CrNiMo) steel housings & writing layers
VOID seal stickersem
Info labels to print yourself
FIAT coin to open & close the screws
Ballpoint pen
Hexadecimal dices
User manual in German and English
Cold Wallet TipTopWallet

How TipTopWALLET works

Open TipTopWALLET by using enclosed FIAT coin

Engrave the Private Key into the writing layer

Close the TipTopWALLET

Seal screws with round hologram VOID stickers

Fill out Label-PDF & print it

Stick label onto TipTopWALLET

If the private key of a crypto wallet is lost,
the associated credit is lost as well!

Cold Wallet earthquake
Cold Wallet water damage
water damage
Cold Wallet house on fire
house on fire
Cold Wallet low temperature
low temperature
Cold Wallet heat resistance
heat resistance
Cold Wallet acids
Cold Wallet TipTopWallet writing layer

Letters are formed (engraved) into the High-Alloy Writing-Layers. Covered by a 6mm housing (version multi even 9mm) your cryptos are protected perfectly.