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Keep your cryptocurrencies safe and secure with TipTopWallet, the secure and easy-to-use deep cold wallet to have your cryptos stored Tip Toply.

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Looking for a secure and easy-to-use cold wallet for your cryptocurrencies? Look no further than TipTopWALLET! Made from high-alloy CrNiMo steel V4A/AISI 316L, TipTopWallet is a robust and reliable backup solution for storing your private keys offline. With its unique design and user-friendly features, TipTopWallet is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.

Unlike other cold wallets, TipTopWALLET lets you engrave your private key onto a metal foil using a regular ballpoint pen. No need for specialized tools or individual letter tiles! With TipTopWallet, you can quickly and securely store up to 24 words per plate, or 48 words in the multi-plate version. You can also upgrade from the standard to the multi version of the Tip Top Wallet later on with our convenient Upgrade Kit. Plus, there’s even space on the writing layer to leave additional information like the encryption algorithm, creation date or whatever.

To use TipTopWallet, simply open the housing plates using the included FIAT coin, engrave your private key, and then close the wallet and secure it with the screws. You can then use the included VOID stickers to seal the screws. And with the included A4 sheet of info labels, you can easily print and apply your own labels for easy organization.


TipTopWALLET standard (total thickness of 6 mm stainless steel) consisting of:

  • 2 Housing plates each with a Writing-Layer (High-Alloy CrNiMo steel V4A / AISI 316L)
  • 2 screws (6mm, CrNi-steel V2A / AISI 304)
  • TipTop ballpoint pen to engrave (driving) the writing layer
  • FIAT-coin to open and close the screws
  • A4 sheet with info labels to print yourself
  • 4 Hologram seal stickers with VOID effect
  • 2 TIP TOP hexadecimal dices
  • user manual in German and English


TopTopWALLET multi (total thickness of 9 mm stainless steel) includes all from standard and additionally:

  • 1 Center plate with two Writing-Layers, one on the front side and another one on the back side (High-Alloy CrNiMo steel V4A / AISI 316L)
  • Instead of screws with 6 mm length you’ll get 9 mm screws

Check the Additional Information Tab for dimensions and weight.

So why wait? Order your TipTopWALLET now! And enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cryptos are stored Tip Toply!

Additional information


standard (2×12=24 words), multi (4×12=48 words)

Material Writing-Layer

CrNiMo Stainless Steel / V4A / AISI 316L

Material Housing

CrNiMo Stainless Steel / V4A / AISI 316L

Material Screws

CrNi Stainless Steel / V2A / AISI 304

Size Writing-Layer

85,60 mm x 53,98 mm = ID1-size

Size Housing

122 mm x 62 mm

Thickness of complete Wallet

standard = 6 mm, multi = 9 mm

Amount of mnemonic words

standard = 2 Writing-Layers x 12 words each = 24, multi = 4 Writing-Layers x 12 words each = 48