TipTopWALLET Upgrade Kit: Transform Standard to Multi

Upgrade your TIP TOP WALLET standard to multi with our convenient upgrade kit. This kit includes a center plate with two writing layers, two longer screws, a set of VOID stickers, and an A4-sheet of info-stickers. Requires TIP TOP WALLET standard


Transform your TipTopWallet from “Standard” to “Multi” with ease using our conversion kit! This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your wallet to the “Multi” version, which allows for additional writing layers respectively more private keys. At the same time the overall stiffness of the wallet is increased due to it’s supplementary plate in the center.

The kit includes a center plate with two Writing-Layers (mnemonic fields #1 – 12 and #13 – 24), two longer screws to replace the shorter screws from the “Standard” version, a set of VOID stickers, and an A4-sheet of info-stickers. With these components, you can easily transform your TipTopWALLET into the ultimate multi-functional crypto storage solution.

As you might use your TipTopWALLET for two mnemonic seeds, simply use the info field on each Writing-Layer to align which words correspond to which private key. Sounds a bit weird, but we are sure you get the point.

Upgrade your TipTopWallet today with our conversion kit and enjoy the added functionality and flexibility it provides. Order now and experience the convenience of secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency storage with TipTopWallet!

Upgrade Kit requires TipTopWALLET standard.