TipTopWALLET Writing Layer Replacement Set

Replace the writing layer on your TIP TOP WALLET with ease using our TIP TOP WALLET Writing Layer Replacement Set.

The Set includes:

  • 2x writing layers, one numbered 1-12, one numbered 13-24
  • 4x VOID-labels incl. sequential numbers
  • A4-sheet with info-stickers for self-printing.


If you need to replace the writing layer on your TipTopWALLET due to a typo or other error, our TipTopWALLET Writing Layer Replacement Set makes it easy.

Our Replacement kit includes:

  • Two writing layers in the size of a credit card, one numbered 1-12, the other numbered 13-24
  • Four VOID-labels
  • One A4-sized sheet with info-stickers for self-printing (works with inject printer and laser printer)

To replace the writing layer, simply detach the old layer from the casing by pushing a knife under the metal foil from the side and detaching the entire area. Destroy the old writing layers by crossing out the private key on both sides, mechanically and intensively. Then cut with strong scissors beyond recognition, and dispose of the parts separately. Eliminate any possible traces of writing on the bottom of the casing.

Once the old writing layer is removed, prepare the surface of the casing to be clean, dry, and free of grease. Then, pull off the protective film on the back of the new writing layer and place it in the center of the cavity of the casing with the adhesive surface facing down. Place a credit card (bank card) flush and slightly press down so that the individual writing fields are not dented.

With our TipTopWALLET Writing Layer Replacement kit, you can easily replace your writing layer and keep your private key secure. Order now and get back to using your TipTopWALLET with confidence.